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Our Story

Raising children is a joy and a challenge, as well as everything in-between. South Tulsa Academy was founded by a group of parents and educators that were feeling the challenge of finding the best education option for their families. Each family saw the need for a “closer to home” Christian school. Tulsa offers great private Christian schools, but most were outside our ideal driving distance and budgets. Homeschooling had the appeal of time well spent with our children, but there were aspects of school that we still wanted for our children. Soon after beginning the search for the right option, God directed our attention to NAUMS, a global family of Christian school communities. It is incredible to see how God provides and takes care of all His children. We are certain that there are other families just like ours in the Tulsa community. Families looking for a great education, structure and flexibility in a local school. God has and is continuing to open doors for South Tulsa Academy to open in the fall of 2021.


We have expanding goals for our school. For our first year of operation, we are offering K-2 grade levels. We have 24 seats open. After five years of operation, we plan to offer K-6th grade and fully meet UMSI certification standards. (The University Model certification standards are cross-referenced to the AdvanceED accreditation standards). In 2031 we will be a fully functioning school offering PreK-12th grade to the South Tulsa community!


We know God is sovereign and no matter the schooling choice, He is faithful to hear our prayers and work in the lives of our children. Public, private, Christian, homeschool, and the University-Model all have their pros and cons. We know the UM is not going to work for everyone, but it provides an incredible option for parents who are struggling to find the right fit for their children. We are so excited to see what God will do through South Tulsa Academy and we are blessed to be a part of it!

- Katie Neafus

                                       Director of South Tulsa Academy

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